Copy profit Guardian – period managed accounts agreement

Copy profit Guardian by Trader Robo – recive profitable traders from best.On end period 50% from profit is you.


Customer agreement and licence : Copy profit Guardian by Trader Robo V 1.0 for end user



Customer Agree :


Install softvare,EA,needed code and accept and setup and activate all needed freatures

in own metatrader to software was able to work


-use software on own risk without guarantee any kind about software bugs

profit and loss in case use software is on own risk use software


Customer agree


Broker will be debited customer account about %part of profit (standard 50 %) in case on end period will beprofit.

Standart period is week from monday to friday.


-profit on period means that on start period example monday will be example 1000 and end period example fridaywill be on account 1100

Different between end period on account(ex.friday) 1100-1000=100 clear profit

100/100*50=50 this sum will be debited from customer account and credited to main provider service account.

Next part profit is placed on customer account and customer might withraw it over broker if wish.


Customer account is debited only if current period (ex.week) close in profit,

Example first deposit customer is 50 000 usd

Example week 1 customer recive copy trade from manager1 and on end week were loss

-1%,sum on account 49500 usd.

Next weekend manager 2 make profit 2000 usd.customer recive 50% from 2000 is 1000

and on account will be example 50500.50 % from this profit period(1000 usd) is

broker autorized debited customers and add to main service provider account.


For profit transfer to main profider service is no needed condition that total account

customer sum must be in profit only period.(standard week) but if customer wish

might select differend period example 14 days,month.


Customer might change manager from which he recive copy trade,example

manager1 will be have 3 week loss period and customer on end 3 week change

manager1 to manager 2.


Customer agree that broker share with main provider service all needed information,

example personal customer data,contacts,sum on customer account,etc and

main service provider migt send customer email or contact customer


In case customer uninstal or decide dont use our service next time broker

debited account if is period account in profit on end near period and then customer

trade on account myself.

Service is possible used on our partner brokers,which we are yours introducer you agree with you are our introduced reffered customers and provide

us yours personal information.

-use our service under different broker is posible when we agree with this,and you provide us for this broker extra or managed agreement signed you or online signed.

Instaling and using ours services customers fully undersdand this agreement.  This service is usable for metatrader 4 brokers,forex,commodity,cfds,shares.

Any our Services maybe have commisions in case position is closed in profit or others,we reserve right offer our services over 3 party portals,partners

in this case is right condition on 3-party portal different agreement.

Past results not guarantee future resuls.Each trader use services on own risk some over as trading yourself.

Each broker maybe to have different trading condition and on each  broker we can to have different condition for copy trade and our services,commisions.

We reserve right  from time to time change or upgrade trading condition our services.


Broker dont provide customers signal,our company is only mediator signal from provider to follover.

Each trader maybe provider or follover but we provide signal from our expert groups traders which were in 365 days in profit (100-300% average example)

We guaranee that provided live account statistic here is live and real from live traders.




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